Beginner's Guide To Online Day Trading

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This FREE E-Book will teach you:

  • How To Pick A Timeframe To Suit Your Style
  • How To Choose The Most Effective Instrument To Trade
  • How To Identify A Profitable Trade Set-Up Situation
  • How To Pinpoint Your Trade Entry
  • How To Develop A Stop Loss To Save You Money
  • When You Must Exit A Trade For Maximum Profits
  • How To Improve The Profit Per Trade
  • How To Use Money Management To Supercharge Your Trading Profits

The E-Book will show you a real trading system for the E-Mini Futures being developed and tested.

Finally, see how the system that the e-book develops has performed post development.


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An example of a complete day trading system for the emini futures.  This e-book will show you:
  • What to Trade.
  • The exact set-up rules for the trade.
  • The precise entry rules.
  • Where to set a stop loss.
  • When to take profits.
  • How to maximise the profit per trade.
  • Precise Money Management rules.
  • Full System results from January 2003.

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